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DDoS Protection

Tried and true protection to keep your business online during an attack.

Always Online DDoS Protection

We have implemented the best anti-DDoS technology powered by Corero to combat these attacks. Every 10gbps port we have coming into our edge is first passed through a Corero Smartwall Appliance, capable of filtering well past a 10gbps line rate attack. This ensures all traffic is completely scrubbed before it even hits our network!

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In terms of reliability and speed, there is no competition.

Competitors high latency DDoS protection technology

Most DDoS mitigation providers use a standard configuration where they do not start filtering unless they see an attack. This always results in a brief to extended period of time where your servers are unprotected and vulnerable. We call this a "detection period". After they detect an attack, traffic is then re-routed for mitigation, resulting in downtime in almost every scenario. Always-On & In-Line DDoS protection technology

Our method solves the present issues of standard mitigation. Because every uplink we have runs through a DDoS mitigation appliance before our edge, all attacks are filtered completely before they hit our network! This completely eliminates the "detection period" where servers traditionally are impacted by standard DDoS protection.

DDoS Pricing

DDoS Solutions Specifications Costs
Free Protection
  • 10 Gigabits Per Second
  • 30 Million Packets Per Second
  • 6 Hour Null-Route


Can never go wrong with free DDoS protection.

Premium Protection
  • 40 Gigabits Per Second
  • 120 Million Packets Per Second
  • 1 Hour Null-Route


$250.00/month per /24 IP Block Allocation

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What in the world is a DDoS attack and why do I need protection?

DDoS is a type of DOS attack where multiple compromised systems, which are often infected with a Trojan, are used to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. The primary purpose is to bring your system offline, or cripple your defense systems. All of our services come with Always-On DDoS protection - attacks will be filtered instantly and you won't feel a thing!

Why should I care and how does it affect me?

When hackers or cybercriminals launch a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, the damage – and the costs – can be devastating for the business that’s being targeted, resulting in downtime, slow site performance, and even crippling systems for hackers to get in.

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